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With over 25 years of technical experience coupled with meticulous work ethics makes us the exclusive authorized tuner, dealer and installation center of premier performance manufacturers such as HKS, Greddy, and AEM. Moreover, we treat the cars we work on as if they were our own and are proud of the end results. Our attention to detail during installations, tuning and fabrication is so exceptional that owners of other performance shops and parts manufacturers bring their personal cars to FFTEC Motorsports to add our touch of extra performance. 


Fuel Injector InstallationInstallation of 6 fuel injectors.


Engine Remove and Re-installRemove and re-install GTR engine. Does not include disassembly, gaskets, fluids, or additional parts.


Camshaft Installation and Valve Lash AdjustmentInstallation of camshafts. Service performed while engine is removed from vehicle. Engine removal labor not included in this price. Includes valve lash measurement and adjustment. Parts sold separately.



Downpipe InstallationInstallation of downpipes. Addtional labor may be required to repair stuck or stripped bolts.


Turbo and Turbo Accessory

Race Intercooler InstallationInstallation of GTR race intercoolers, includes trimming of front bumper.


Street Intercooler InstallationInstallation of Street Intercoolers


Remove and Re-Install TurbochargersRemove and re-install turbos with engine removed.



Installation of Brake Pads and RotorsInstallation of brake pads and rotors


Brake System BleedBleed Nissan GTR brake system. Fluids not included.


GTR R35 ECU Calibration


We are located in Hayward, California; north of San Jose and south east of San Francisco. We are NOT your average retail web-based company. We have strong work ethic and quality standards unsurpassed by our competitors. We use and sell only the highest quality materials and products on our client or personal vehicles. Inferior parts have no business in our chassis, on our shelves, and do not fit into our philosophy and culture. Whether you want to go fast in a straight line or exit an apex flat out, our staff has the knowledge and experience to help you reach your goal. Do it once and do it right with the trusted and proven parts we offer.


Dyno Tuning

We are northern California's only certified, HKS, Greddy and AEM engine control calibration facility. We have extensive expereience with several main stream standalone management systems; such as AEM Series 1 or 2, AEM Infinity, Motec, Haltech, ProEFI, EFI Live, HP Tuners, Roadrunner etc. We offer tuning services for ECUtek and Syvecs on the Nissan GTR (R35) and Porsche 997.1 chassis. We are also a Cobb Protuner for the Nissan GTR (R35), Porsche 996 and 997.1, Ford Ecoboost, Subaru, and BMW 335i. Our engine control insight and experience covers an ever growing collection of chassis and engine platforms. We have the knowledge and know how to correctly calibrate most engine systems correctly and safely without sacrificing power or longevity. Please email with your engine control questions and technical information. For sales and appointment scheduling please email


Tech News

We are constantly innovating and developing new products, while rigorously testing current market products on our Motorsports vehicles.We use and retail only the highest quality materials and products on our client or personal vehicles. We stock, design and engineer parts and equipment for motorsports use including: suspension, turbo systems, manifolds, exhaust systems, programable engine management systems and more. Our Tech News section of the website provides you with all the newest, up to date developments with our projects, products, and services.



Our facility is committed to excellence when it comes to any development project you may have; no job is too large or small. We are home to one of northern California's finest developlment staff, who's goal is to bring to life any one-off part need you may have for your competition vehicle. Our staff has over 25 years of development experience between them and can complete any job you may have; with the highest quality fit and finish imaginable. Contact for pricing and scheduling.