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Pro EFI Transmission Control Module

Pro EFI Transmission Control Module

**This item is for Competition Use Only. For more information please visit our CARB Information Page**

-Control up to 8 gears

-Converter Lock-up with slip

monitor for seamless gear change

-Line pressure control

-Accumulator Backpressure control

-Converter slip monitor

-Trans Temp Pre and Post cooler inputs

-CAN communication with all other ProEFI modules! You don’t have to hook up an RPM signal, speed signal or throttle Signal if you are using a ProEFI computer!

-RPM input

-Driven wheel speed input

-Throttle Input

-2 Fan control outputs for Trans coolers

-Trans line pressure input with safety monitor and warnings

-Manual Shift mode

-Paddle shift capability

-Malfunction indicator light output

-Shift light output

-Alternate tire size switch input for proper wheel speed calibration for shifts

-Torque Reduction request output!

-Up to 6 shifter lever position inputs (Only 5 available if alternate tires size switch is used. (This applies to manual LEVER shifting only!)

-All tables and calibrations are LIVE calibratable! No flashing necessary!

Retail Price will be $1199 for the TCM, and a plug and pin kit. Harnesses for certain applications*