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AMS Performance Cam Side Motor Mount, Evolution 8 and 9

AMS Performance Cam Side Motor Mount, Evolution 8 and 9

Unlike other popular brands, AMS Mitsubishi Evolution VII/VIII/IX bushings are made with a softer polyurethane durometer of 70A. This will ensure very little motor movement in your engine bay without rattling your teeth like the other brands. This is the same material used on our front mount which allows for very slight movement. 


  • Improves shifting and throttle response
  • Decreases Motor and transmission movement which in turn improves shifting and drivability.


  • 2 polyurethane bushings or option of complete mount w/ bushings
  • 1 zinc plated center bushing


  • Polyurethane 
  • 70A


  • Mitsubishi Evolution 7, 8, 9
  • GSR, MR, RS and SE
  • Fits all USDM, JDM and European Models

Product Notes

  • This insert will require the removal of the factory rubber bushing with a hydraulic press.  The new mount can then be pressed into its place.  To avoid this hassle we also offer a new factory mount with the AMS Bushing already installed.
  • Use of this mount will transmit more engine vibration into the passenger compartment