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Walbro 450 LPH In Fuel Pump, E85 Safe

Walbro 450 LPH In Fuel Pump, E85 Safe

**This item is for Competition Use Only. For more information please visit our CARB Information Page**

The Walbro 450 LPH "turbine style" in-tank High Pressure fuel pump is a brand new aftermarket release for 2011. Designed to meet the fuel-hungry demands of modern turbocharging enthusiasts the Walbro 400lph High Pressure unit can flow close to the amount as dual intank pumps or large externals but in a small, convenient and surprisingly quiet package. This pump is a great solution for high fuel requirement turbocharged cars >500hp and anyone looking to make big power and run high boost with a simple fuel system where the 255 won't suffice. This much fuel flow is not meant for use on engines <400hp. 

Walbro based the overall design on the same 39mm motor from the proven 255HP but changed from a "gerotor pump" to a newer and more efficient "Turbine pump":

Walbro's turbine pump head uses two sets of turbine blades set in parallel on a common shaft (like a jet engine). This high efficiency pump design pressurizes the fuel as it flows through the pump axially without forcing the fluid to change direction - the end result is tremendous flow rates at a variety of different rail pressures and to suit various injector sizes: