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CL RC5+ Front Brake Pads, 2002-2005 996 Turbo

CL RC5+ Front Brake Pads, 2002-2005 996 Turbo

While most pads are formed from fibers and organic materials bonded together by resins, CL Brakes Sintered Pads begin as powdered metals such as iron, bronze, and copper, mixed with roughly ten other constituent materials including graphite and carbon.  The mix is compressed in a tool under extreme pressure to give it shape, and then brazed onto a backing plate in an oven at 1800F.  The resulting material is characterized by a consistently high coefficient of friction, stability at high temperatures, and an extremely low wear rates.

CL Brakes originally created sintered brake materials for military applications such as tanks, helicopters, and airplanes, as well as high speed freight and passenger trains like France’s TGV. After extensive development, the technology was successfully introduced in motorcycle applications. The most recent development has focused on aligning the sintered technology with racecars. CL Brakes have now been used successfully at the highest levels of motorsport, including World Rally Championship (WRC) and NASCAR Sprint Cup.

The RC5+ is CL’s latest offering, and was developed with the autoX and track day crowd squarely in mind.  It is a well-mannered race pad, with lower noise, low dust, and a lower coefficient of friction.  The beauty of this compound is that despite its mild manners, it still retains a very high max operating temperature.  It is a great choice for lighter cars on race tires, or heavy, high power cars on street tires.  The failure mechanism of this pad is one of its greatest strengths.  If you do happen to push it over its temperature threshold, bite slowly tapers away rather than falling off a cliff, so you’ll easily recognize when it’s time to back off.  It’s extremely wear resistant, and doesn’t destroy rotors with pad deposits when pushed to their temperature envelope.  The RC5+ is a great rear pad option for those who like a more front biased setup with the RC6 or RC6E compound up front.