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FFTEC Motorsports Boost Control Solenoid Evo 8/9

FFTEC Motorsports Boost Control Solenoid Evo 8/9

**This item is for Competition Use Only. For more information please visit our CARB Information Page**

The FFTEC Motorsports Boost Control Solenoid (BCS) is specifically for the Evolution 8 and 9 platform. Other BCS assemblies on the market are noisy, and compromise design and function so their product can be a universal installation for several different vehicle platforms. However, the FFTEC Motorsports Evolution 8 and 9 BCS's VEHICLE SPECIFIC design offers no compromise in design, durability and performance.

The FFTEC BCS features a durable stainless steel mounting plate that is designed to install in the factory location and provide years of rust free service. It incorporates a rubber insulator that reduces vibration, eliminating the annoying "ticking" commonly associated with competitors solenoid assemblies. In addition the insulator prolongs the life of the solenoid by absorbing the shock and pounding experienced in racing conditions.

During assembly FFTEC Motorsports crimps AND solders the wires to the pins, which eliminates wires being pulled out of the pin. These soldered and crimped pins are inserted into a nylon clip that plugs directly into the factory wiring harness. No cutting and splicing of wires necessary and no additional resistors required.

Removable Multi-Barbed hose fittings come pre-installed. Zip tie wraps are included for securing vacuum hoses in place keeping them from popping off under high boost conditions.

FFTEC Motorsports uses it's Boost Control Solenoid assembly in all our Evolutions, even the ones running deep 9 second quarter mile times.

Our solenoid features:

  • Plug and Play Design
  • Vehicle specific stainless steel mounting brackets
  • Pre-soldered pins for reliability and ease of installation
  • Rubber Insulation for long life and quiet operation
  • No additional resistors or wiring necessary
  • Assembled by hand at FFTEC Motorsports.