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EFR Turbo Systems

EFR Turbo Systems

These turbo systems are the first production kits utilizing the technology found in the Borg Warner's EFR turbo selection.  Excellent street drivability, quick response and peak power potential (over 1200 crank horsepower) were kept in mind while designing these systems.

EFR turbine wheels are made from titanium aluminide (or Gamma-Ti). Not quite ceramic and not quite metal, the material is very light-weight and demonstrates excellent strength at high temperatures. Because EFR turbine wheels weigh 50% less than typical turbine wheels, less energy is required to spin up the wheel, allowing the turbocharger to respond faster. BorgWarner EFR turbochargers also feature the newest “super back” and “fullback” turbine designs for high-boost, high-efficiency applications. 

By incorporating high strength schedule 40 stainless steel material into our exhaust manifold, we ensure long service life without fear of cracking or breaking.  It's design also includes a full merge collector ensuring high flow and equal power balance among cylinders.  

Installation of our hardware requires no modification to your chassis.

Horsepower Output:

EFR1100 - 1100+ crank horsepower capable

EFR1200 - 1200+ crank horsepower capable


  • Schedule 40 Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold Construction
  • Fully Back Purged 
  • 304 Stainless Steel Downpipes With Recirculated Wastegate Outlet
  • Highly Efficient Turbochargers
  • Excellent Throttle Response
  • Quick Spool


  • Exhaust Manifolds X2
  • Downpipes With Recirculated Wastegate Outlet X2
  • Tial MVS Wastegates X2
  • Inlet Piping X2
  • Intake Piping X2
  • Inlet Tubes X2
  • Turbo Outlet Piping
  • Oil Lines
  • Coolant Lines

Wastegates Priority Placement – Wastegate placement and sizing is crucial especially with use of high efficiency turbocharger.  Our manifold is designed with wastegate priority placement to ensure exhaust gasses bypass the turbine wheel effectively to maintain accurate boost control.

Down Pipes Retain OE Flange Placement – Downpipes maintain factory placement to ensure fitment with OE Y pipe location.

Fully Ported Turbo Manifolds – Each manifold is hand ported to ensure excellent flow characteristics and efficiency.

Lifetime Warranty – Lifetime warranty on all fabricated parts, and manufacturer warranty on auxiallary hardware where applicable.

We debuted the car at Shift S3ctor 7 October 25th, 2014 running mid boost (26 to 30 psi), only rolling out first gear. The results were astounding:

193.63 MPH at 26 PSI 
196.51 MPH at 29 PSI

Two weeks later we atteneded a test and tune at Sacramento Raceway Park and ran consistent low 9.3X passes between 158-162 MPH

At no Fly Zone 5, we beat our Shift S3tor trap speeds running over 200 MPH!