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FFTEC RWB Porsche 964 (Fatlace Edition)

December 21, 2011, by Mike B

We've recently recieved this beautiful Porsche 964.  This project is owned by Mark, the owner of Fatlace, and is being prepped for SEMA this year.  Projects like this don't come around very often and we'll be working with Rauh Welt to have the first of it's kind body kit in the U.S.  Our sights are set for nothing but the best on this car, and the project is something all of us here at FFTEC Motorsports are proud to take part in.  I'd like to thank Kirk at AEM and Jens at Fuel Injector Clinic for helping supply parts to get this project completed.

On to the photos.

We also started the tear down of the engine in preparation for some power mods.

Exhaust manifolds being made for the turbo

The turbo is here awaiting completion of the manifold.

The wing and bumper are in from Japan.

Test fitting of the wing.

The turbo kit is just about finished up!

Injectors are in.

The intercooler core is almost ready for fabrication.

The finished Product!!!

The wheels got changed a little bit.

Nakai San, Mark of Fatlace, with some of the FFTEC Team.

Post SEMA Updates

The car was also featured on Speed Hunters

Just for kicks, I took some more photos today.  


We got the car back on the dyno for more boost and tuning.  After a few pulls at higher power, the clutch started to slip.  Fast forward a couple of days and the results are below...

Here she is on the dyno after the clutch install.