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No Fly Zone 5

November 19, 2014, by FFTEC Staff

Omega Motorsports No Fly Zone 5
After a long day at Buttonwillow Raceway for Super Lap Battle we made our way over to Shafter for a completely different type of racing.  1/2 mile roll races with Mike's A12 GTR, Andy's FFTEC EFR 1200 GTR, and Anthony's FBO Flex Fuel GTR.  
We were still doing some testing with Andy's car, so we slowly turned up the boost as the day went on.  Best pass of the day was 200.5mph!!  
Mike's A12 also broke into the 200's with a 200.3mph pass. 
Anthony raced just about every corvette there, and came out victorious each time.  He had a best trap of 164mph. 
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