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Test and Tune 11/08/2014

November 10, 2014, by FFTEC Staff

Went to the track this passed weekend with Andy for some shakedowns on R888s.

We kept the car on mid boost from 27 to 30 PSI and with each minor bump in boost, we gained 1 MPH roughly.

4 passes in ran a 9.3 ET.

The passes were with a launch, running boost by gear.

1.50 bar Gear1
1.70 bar Gear2
1.86 bar Gear3
2.02 bar Gear4
2.02 bar Gear5
2.02 bar Gear6 

Car went from trapping 158 MPH to 161 MPH with incremental changes to boost (.5 psi increases or less) and some minor tweaks made to the launch and low gear boost settings.

On a few of the passes we had early shifts, and some driving mishaps, but fortunately the overall trap speeds were consistent.

We'll be taking the car to No Fly Zone next weekend to gather more data with the boost turned up. Can't wait to see what this thing can do!

Ray also came out with his freshly painted FBO Flex Fuel GTR.  
Ray ran a new PB, with a 10.5 @ 131 MPH! 
 Gidi brought the lambo out to see what she could do.
10.5 @ 166, without breaking a sweat!